Artisans of your event

since 2007

Artisans of your event

since 2007

Artisans of your event

since 2007

Artisans of your event

since 2007


Why do we define ourselves as « Artisans of your event »?

Each couple is unique and each wedding deserves special attention so as to create a tailor made event, like an artisan who creates a unique object for his client.
Wedding planner in Paris since 2007, this is the way we’ve always worked on our wedding receptions.

Each of our weddings is a brand new creation, we do our best to understand the personalities of the bride and groom-to-be so as to create the perfect scenography for them. We listen to the wishes of each couple but we also try to go above and beyond their expectations.

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Gwénaëlle SOMMIER, CEO of Mission Mariage and wedding planner in Paris

« I’m 40, married and mother of 2 children. I’ve always loved setting up events and became a wedding planner in Paris in 2007.
I love weddings and, being a perfectionist, I do my best to understand who the bride and groom-to-be are so as to find the vendors who will match perfectly with their wishes. I also pay a lot of attention to details that will make their wedding unique and very personal.
My great pleasure is to see Bride&Groom enjoying their Big Day and guests happy to share these moments with them.»

Whatever your project and the kind of help you might need for your wedding, feel free to contact us
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Mission Mariage Wedding planner agency

Wedding planner in Paris (France) since 2007 Mission Mariage is an event planning agency specialized in weddings and private events (such as birthday party, engagement party, wedding anniversary…) in Paris, around Paris and anywhere else in France. Whatever the number of guests you might have and whatever the type of reception you might wish, our task as a wedding planner is to find the perfect place that will create the atmosphere you wish for your event and to select the team of suppliers who will be able to satisfy your expectations or even go beyond!

Mission Mariage is one of the most experienced agencies of wedding planner in Paris, which enables us to give you access to a wide range of suppliers of all kinds in Paris and in France: venues, catering services, animations, flower&decor artists, photographers, stationery, musicians&bands, … If you have a very specific and brand new request, we can also handle specific sourcing for you so as to identify new suppliers who will be able to satisfy your needs!

Our vision of the mission of a wedding planner in Paris:

A wedding planner must have a good list of contacts and a wide range of suppliers but, above all, his role is to advise his clients, to be a good project manager, able to perfectly plan the whole wedding and to suggest good ideas to create the clients’ dream wedding!
A wedding planner must also understand the know-how of each supplier so as to deliver the best services for the clients’ wedding.
A wedding planner must, at last, understand his clients’ personalities so as to meet their expectations. Above all when you plan destination weddings, it’s very important to understand the clients’ culture and peculiarities and to adjust the planning time line to specific constraints (trips to Paris, time zone, etc…).

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Paris who will listen to your needs and will be able to set up a wedding that resembles you, Mission Mariage is the perfect wedding planning agency for you!