On the day coordination

A wedding coordinator on your Big day

We coordinate the day of your wedding so you are free to enjoy the moment.

Why hire a wedding coordinator for the day your wedding?

Planning your wedding requested a lot of time and energy from you to think about each and every detail of your dream day. After all these efforts, one question remains: « Who will make sure everything goes according to your plan? ». You definitely won’t and you probably don’t want to bother your guests with this tough mission either, above all if they don’t speak a word of French…

If you want to be serene on the wedding day, a wedding coordinator will be a perfect help for you!

You won’t have to worry any longer about whether the catering company is on time, whether the whole set up is according to plans or not, your wedding coordinator will take care of each little detail.

What is included in the mission of an on the day coordinator?

Each wedding is peculiar and has its own specific context. Here is a description of the great lines of our wedding day coordination. We will then adjust our mission to the specificities of your own wedding.

 – Our missions on the wedding day –

  • Supplier management

We liaise with the venue and all the suppliers and take care that they fulfil their commitments.

  • Reception management

Check the set up for Cocktail Hour and Dinner. Manage the timeline so that there is no idle time during the reception and manage all events (toasts, animations, cake cutting, first dance).

  • Guest management

Manage accommodation and transport of your guests, welcome your guests and be sure that they easily find their way at the ceremony/reception.

  • And more generally, prevent and fix any problems that may arise.

– How does it work? –

Our challenge is to understand the way you’ve imagined your dream day and to gather as much information as if we had planned your wedding ourselves, so as to be able to manage your Big day.

  • Before the wedding day

We meet a few weeks prior to the wedding day to discuss the details of what you have planned for your wedding and collect all the information we need so as to be able to manage your Big Day.
(NB: this meeting can also be a Skype call)

  • On the wedding day

Your wedding coordinator is present (sometimes with a broader team) to manage the whole day and ensure that everything runs smoothly (ceremony management, timeline management, check the set up, fix any problems that may arise…).

We can also help you upfront: have a look at our wedding concierge ‘à la carte’ services.

– Our fees –

Our fees depend on the location of your wedding, the number of guests you will have and the content of our mission.

Our services start from €850 for a small reception inner Paris.

Whatever your project and the kind of help you might need for your wedding, feel free to contact us

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