Full planning of your wedding

We’ll take care of each and every detail of your destination wedding in Paris

Paris is a wonderful city for a wedding but planning a wedding in France when you live thousands of miles away is quite a challenge! And if you don’t speak French, it can quickly become quite complicated… Mission Mariage can help you plan your dream destination wedding in Paris.

What is the specificity of a destination wedding planner in Paris?

Planning a destination wedding is a very specific exercise, as we must take into account time and language difference, cultural peculiarities and various constraints due to the fact that most of the guests will come from abroad.
We have been planning weddings for clients coming from abroad for many years and can easily become your destination wedding planner in Paris.

What is included in our mission of full wedding planning?

We create « our » weddings in the same way that an artisan shapes his creations: each wedding is unique and our services are tailor-made so as to fit the wishes of each couple perfectly.

– Creation of your dream destination wedding –

Here is an outline of the services we offer in our mission of destination wedding planner:

  • Venue search: we search for the perfect places to set up your wedding. We will send you various proposals and will visit some places with you.
  • Supplier sourcing: catering, flowers&decor, furniture rental, music and animations, invitations, photographer/videographer.
  • Creation of a scenography for your wedding.
  • Full planning in liaison with the venue and the suppliers.
  • Planning time line and budget follow up.
  • Creation of set up plans.

And on top of that, our mission is to understand your personalities and wishes so as to be able to figure out the perfect venue and supplier team for your wedding. Whatever your wishes, our work is not only to listen to your needs but also to try as much as possible to advise you and suggest ideas so as to create the perfect destination wedding for you.

– On the day management –


  • Before the wedding day, we define a detailed timeline for the wedding day and check that each supplier has got all the information he needs to perform perfectly.
  • On the wedding day: your wedding planner and additional coordinator(s) are present to manage the whole wedding day and prevent and fix any problems that may arise, so that everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

– Other missions –

We can also add extra services such as:

  • Management of accommodation and transportation of your guests
  • Planning of a rehearsal dinner or a brunch
  • Planning of any extra day you might want to spend with your guests, etc…

– Our fees –

Our fees are set from the beginning and depend on the complexity of your project.
Our services for full wedding planning in Paris start from €3,900.

Whatever your project and the kind of help you might need for your wedding, feel free to contact us
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